Cameron Dynatorque Dynatorque manual overrideCameron - DYNATORQUE™ Industrial grade worm gear operators are designed for use with valves and dampers, as well as most other quarter-turn applications requiring a self-locking mechanism. Our flexible manufacturing process allows us to offer both standard custruction and custom configurations for customer-specific applications.

Standard operators are available with various mounting interface dimensions. Custom-machined gears come with bores and bolt holes for direct mounting to the valve.

Standard materials are cast gray or ductile iron, mut the product line also offers a varied selection of alternate materials to meet customer application requirements.

Manual Quarter-Turn and Multi-Turn Actuators for Valves in both Commercial and AWWA services • Manual Gear Overrides for Pneumatic Actuator Services • Miter Gears • Spur Gears • Geared Position Indicators • Cast and Fabricated Handwheels (6" thru 48") • Extension Stems