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Automation and Controls

Moniteur Devices
Moniteur Devices

Industry leader in the development and manufacture of valve position indicators, rotary limit switches, valve monitoring systems and valve positioners for automated valves. Products outperform in the severe services found in the oil & gas, petrochemical, power generation, pharmaceutical, and specialty chemical industries, providing a longer service life and lower operating costs over the life of the product.

Easytork Actuators

Easytork is a manufacturer of patented high-performance quarter-turn rotary pneumatic vane actuators and associated valve automation products.

Cameron Dynatorque

Manual Quarter-Turn and Multi-Turn Gear Actuators for Valves in both Commercial and AWWA services | Manual Gear Overrides for Pneumatic Actuator Services | Miter Gears | Spur Gears | Geared Position Indicators | Cast and Fabricated Handwheels (6" thru 48") | Extension Stems

Chicago Valves and Controls‌
Chicago Valves & Controls

Pneumatic Actuators, Limit Switches
Anodized body & ends, Epoxy Polyester Coating, Nickel Plated alloy steel pinion, Die-Cast Pistons, Adjusting Travel, Preloaded Springs

INDELAC Controls

INDELAC Controls manufactures a broad range of products for the valve and damper automation industry. Their product offering includes quarter turn electric actuators, multi-turn electric actuators, linear electric actuators and linear spring return actuators, electric quarter turn spring return actuators, and battery backup systems.

Trumbull Industries
Trumbull Industries

Trumbull chainwheels allow operation of valves, actuators, or gear boxes in high, hard-to-reach locations by means of a slight pull on the chain. Universal design allows Chainwheel to be clamped to a handwheel, or pinned directly to the stem.


MAXTORQUE Worm Gear Operators feature patented AutoLock technology that allows for high-performance worm gear solutions with the self-locking characteristics of conventional gearboxes.


WedgeRock provides engineered actuation solutions for the most demanding torque and thrust applications.