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Rupture Disks and Pressure Relief

Zook Rupture Discs

A Complete line of Graphite and Metal Rupture Disks, Holder/Safety Heads, Burst Sensors, Alarm Monitoring Systems, Transportation Disks, Sanitary Disks, Explosion Vent Panels, Extruder Barrels, Gaskets and Special Applications.

Mercer Pressure Relief Valves
Mercer Pressure Relief Valves

Mercer Valve Company provides a 100% USA manufactured high-quality safety relief valve. Their patented "Auto Seat Technology"® has a proven extended seat life that will allow your valve to open, close, seat and seal over and over again.

Norriseal Wellmark Pressure Relief & Safety Products
Norriseal Wellmark Pressure Relief & Safety

Norriseal WellMark safety relief valves are manufactured in accordance to the ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code, as well as capacity tested and certified by the National Board.

The WDV scrubber valve is used for on/off control of high pressure water, oil or gas. Compressor scrubbers, oil and gas separators, or any liquid accumulators are a few suitable applications.

Norriseal WellMark flow control choke valves that are ideal for use in well head control, gas gather-ing systems, pressure separators, CO2 and water or steam injection systems.