Instrumentation, Steam and Specialty Equipment

Tel-Tru Tel-Tru Manufacturing Company - A World-Class Manufacturer of Bimetal Thermometers, Pressure Gauges and Accessory Products. Liquid Filled & Dry Pressure Gauges, Industrial Thermometers, Bi- Metal Thermometers, Diaphragm Seals, Remote Reading Thermometers, Pressure Switches, Industrial Thermowells, Complete service for Gauges and Thermometers including Recalibration and Liquid Filling.

TLV Corporation
TLV TLV Corporation Free Float, Thermodyne and Thermostatic SteamTraps • Free Float Air Traps • COSPECT Pressure Reducing Valves • Steam & Air Separators • PowerTrapTM Condensate Pumps & Pump/Traps • Condensate Recovery Systems • TrapManTM & TrapManagerTM Computerized Steam Trap Management System • Steam Trap Testing Survey

Advance Thermal Corp
Advance Thermal Advance Thermal Corp. - Removable/Reusable Thermal and Acoustical Insulation Covers • Heatainer custom designed Thermal Insulation • Rapidrap and Spirorap Pipe Insulation • Acoustirap custom designed Acoustical Insulation