Willcox Services

Services That Seperate Willcox from the Competition

  Our Strategic Differences:
  1. Technical Expertise in the products that are represented.
  2. On-site Engineering design of valve mounting brackets for ALL types of actuators and valves with CAD drawings available.
  3. Application Engineering:
Valve Automation
Control Valves
Steam Systems
Over Pressurization Protection
  1. Local inventory to provide immediate shipment of product. On-site valve automation facility assuring that ALL automated valve assemblies are assembled correctly and tested before shipment.
  2. Steam trap surveys. Complete detailed survey reports of steam traps along with reporting of energy losses
  3. Customer training of products and how they are applied to specific process applications.
  4. Valve testing machine: Able to test ANSI class valves up to 12” with certificates of testing. Able to hydrostatically test and air test valves to API598 standards.
  5. PMI testing service. On-Site Positive Material Identification (PMI).